WE as Rheumatic Warriors need to shift your internal dialogue to stay happy…

After a diagnosis the way we talk to our self from within is of utmost importance since it will affect our day to day living!

WE are all aware the automatic habit of the brain is “negativity bias.”

Feeling low and getting beaten emotionally is a sure let down… we need to turn around our mindset to walk into a better tomorrow….

WE usually tend to beat ourselves internally due to fluctuating emotions but it leads us nowhere…It’s just getting up when we fall down…that is the key! (No matter how many times we fall down.)

WE just need to get in the apt thought process, I don’t advocate saying we need to be happy 24×7 but yes, we need to incorporate both sides of the coin positive and the negative and have a happy perspective to life!

So, if we wish to transform ourselves, we need to deal with our inner thoughts and overcome all negative beliefs and self-sabotaging paradigms…thus we change our inner dialogue.

Change starts with our thinking and our thinking is a choice…so think twice before you brood again….

Happy thoughts …Positive energy !

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  1. Shama Khan
    Shama Khan says:

    I couldn’t agree more to this. I have been watching myself and increasing my awareness of the negative self talk that goes on inside me especially when I am having a bad day. I usually flip the negative to something more positive and feel better. Sometimes the change is instant while other times I keep affirming my statement till I feel good. Mindfulness and meditation help me a great deal. Thank you!

    • Sanria
      Sanria says:

      It is so lovely to hear how you manage the internal negative self talk, to add onto what you mentioned, continuous inward reaffirmations is required with Arthritic Warriors as RA is a condition of conflict and one needs to ease the emotional conflict and heal the negativity & emotional roots of physical pain on a daily basis. Thank You Shama!


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