Today is World Arthritis Day -12th Oct

Being Physically & Mentally Active Is The Best Medicine to manage Arthritis !

Keeping weight in check, strengthening muscles around the joints, doing stretching and flexibility exercises go a long way in keeping the joints healthy and pain-free.

Basically a day like World Arthritis Day aims to reach many people who aren’t familiar with arthritis and help redefine what the disease could mean to a person beyond most people’s stereotypical definition.

Setting sights on earlier care and having a much more personalized option for patients is the mission Also to provide a network for arthritis patients and care takers and and promote awareness events.

There are no quick fixes or fad diets that will resolve our symptoms arising from arthritis. Rather a multifactorial approach will place us in the best position to manage our own health.

For everyone ….wellbeing is a journey….the actual secret is committing to that journey and taking those small baby steps with a lot of positivity and conviction within ourselves………………

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