Pursed Lips Breathing Exercise

The technique requires a person to inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth at a slow controlled flow.

Basic Step-By-Step process:

  • Relax your neck and shoulders.
  • Inhale slowly through the nostrils for two seconds (keep your mouth closed), a deep breath is unnecessary a normal breath will do just fine.
  • Exhale through the mouth for four seconds (the extended time is the key). When exhaling, pucker your mouth as if giving a kiss.
  • While breathing out, keep a slow and steady breath; don’t breathe out hard.

Benefits of Pursed Lips Breathing

The Pursed Lips Breathing method offers significant mental and physical benefits. For example, it can help in the following ways:

Releases trapped air in the lungs

Keeps the airways open longer and eases breathing

Prolongs exhalation to slow the breathing rate

Improves breathing patterns by moving old air out of the lungs and allowing new air to enter

Relieves shortness of breath

Promotes relaxation…

You can practice this exercise through the day by simply breathing in through your nose followed by breathing out through your mouth, while your lips are pursed, for twice as long as you breathed in.

Suggest try it my fellow arthritic warriors , these are simple exercises and feel the difference!


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