Points to remember about Arthritis


This is the last week of May-Arthritis Awareness Month, join in the efforts to increase arthritis awareness and encourage someone you know with arthritis to take the leap and engage in safe and effective physical activity programs to improve their physical function and overall quality of life.

Arthritis Awareness Month is the perfect time to share information because it will generate impassioned dialogue among members of our patient communities

My sincere effort in raising awareness is for my story to resonate with the community and inspire my fellow arthritis warriors to live an active life despite an arthritis diagnosis. Yes we can!

  1. Plan ahead.Every single day organize your routines so you minimize movements that are difficult or painful. Listen to your body.
  2. Keep moving.Avoid holding one position for too long. When working at a desk, for example, get up and stretch every 15 minutes. Schedule exercises through the week.
  3. Discover your strength.Put your strongest joints and muscles to work. To protect finger and wrist joints, push open heavy doors with the side of your arm or shoulder. To reduce hip or knee stress on stairs, let the strong leg lead going up and the weaker leg lead going down.
  4. Ask for help.People with arthritis often worry about the possibility of growing dependent on others.
  5. Take advantage of labor- saving devices and adaptive aids.Simple gadgets and devices can make it easier to perform daily activities such as cooking, writing, or even getting dressed. Long-handled grippers, for example, are designed to grasp and retrieve out-of-reach objects. Rubber grips can help you get a better handle on faucets, pens, toothbrushes. Pharmacies, medical supply stores, and online vendors stock a variety of aids for people with arthritis.



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