I am always talking of positivism and my website also is named as RA Positive Hub!

I totally believe yes Positive Mindset but also a more powerful concept alongside is Positive Movements.

Arthritic Warriors experience lack of bodily movements due to chronic pain. Giving in to arthritis pain only make things worse.

Aches and pains of arthritis can slow you down and make you think that moving around is a bad idea. But regular exercise is actually one of the best medicines for arthritis.

Yes, we do get our flare up and so on but we need to win over our thoughts of not pushing ourselves as we will feel pain restricts movement and it will be more painful. Getting started is tough for people with arthritis, no doubt about it, but once you become consistent, exercise is self-reinforcing, because it gets easier, you lose weight, you gain strength, you experience less pain, and you feel better emotionally and the ultimate… you experience your freedom of movement!

I agree, pain is a pain…but I always try and get out of my comfort zone and try and maneuver myself slowly and listen to my body…and behold I experience a lot of freedom and control on myself. This according to me is my priceless personal growth …I am in a situation where I am just not managing my pain but driving myself through the tough times.

I strongly believe Arthritis can not own you or restrict you, you need to overcome with sheer determination and perseverance. Lot of effort goes into getting oneself into this driving mode but let me tell you its worth all the effort and patience as eventually its you who is the winner!

I have observed over the years that yes, I cannot micromanage every small sensation or feeling but I can drive it on a larger scale. Getting out of my comfort zone and pushing myself positively to make small movements independently in a radius I can manage and handle. Slow baby steps towards this freedom of movement is the ultimate joy we as Arthritic Warriors can experience…

No matter what mediums you use or how careful you are, however, occasional setbacks remain likely, don’t push through pain, but don’t stop, either, learn how to balance gentle exercise with rest; there’s value to taking breaks and learning where your limits are regarding pain.

So, lets push our overall mindset limitations joyfully!

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