International Family Day -15 May 2021 ..Loving and supporting someone with arthritis

In My Family, No One Fights Alone Rheumatoid Arthritis

One of the challenges of being close to someone with arthritis is discovering ways to live as normally as possible. Regardless of the degree of change that arthritis has brought into your life, you can help make the difference! Family and friends can offer companionship support assistance human contact and love.

It is possible for your family to lead a fully satisfying life despite arthritis, like in mine, my husband and daughter are my 2 strong pillars.. However, it is up to you to make it happen.

Learn to be gutsy and experience your feelings–whether they be of anger sadness or grief.

Then lean to move beyond the unfairness of arthritis. Try and focus on the positive. Make your family’s routine life as normal as possible. Ensure that you have a strict treatment plan to follow. Communicate well and make adjustments not necessarily big changes in your routines.

Although it can be difficult living with arthritis, it has enabled many family members to cherish and value each other even more. After all, it’s the good times and the bad times that make up the experience of being a family. We all have been going through the tough Covid times and managing with the grace of the Almighty!

Family is a life jacket in the stormy sea of life……. J.K.Rowling

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