Inside the mind of a newly diagnosed Arthritic Warrior…..

Arthritic Warriors once when handed a diagnosis, all they want to know when they will take charge of their original lives and the pain should be reduced immediately, a very normal thought process… It is normal to feel a lot of anxiety and uncertainty with a new diagnosis. With one big answer can come a plethora of questions.

Once they meet the doctors, they need to know the recovery outcomes and readjustment of their lives…another normal thought process…

All what a warrior thinks are one’s own well-being coming on normal track at the earliest and how soon they will overcome this personal crisis in their lives!

Its only with continuous interactions with the medical team with a positive realistic approach that acceptance and willingness to change a warrior’s mindset, sets in automatically!

This happens I feel due to the fact that the warrior is seen as a whole individual and not just the condition! This adds a humane approach thereby inspiring the Arthritic Warrior to adapt a holistic approach to self-care and a medication regime and thus take charge of themselves!

Be strong positive ..and yes will overcome this too!!

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