In these tough times lets Cultivate a Healing Mindset..

We are indoors during the lockdown so let us make the best of it.

Continuing from my last upload…

Making food and lifestyle changes isn’t easy.  In fact it’s very hard.  It takes time, preparation and dedication to focus on the goal of becoming pain-free and BELIEVING it can happen.  I have been following stories of people who had walked this path before me and knew that it was possible. This has helped motivate me on this difficult journey.

I also tried to reframe the illness by seeing the symptoms as information my body was giving me.  I used it like a compass to guide me in the direction that reduced pain and inflammation.

What you focus on expands. Hence my entire focus was on Healing.

The mind is a powerful tool which can be harnessed to help heal.  I used healing visualizations and affirmations and expressed gratitude each day for the evidence of healing in my body. As the expression goes: “what you focus on expands.” I wanted my body to heal so that, rather than the pain, was my focus

What I’ve come to believe since then is that it is still valuable and important for all of us to do what we can to cultivate hope, joy, peace and positivity in our lives, as the mind is the “control center” for the rest of the body, and what we believe, think and say has a profound impact upon our healing. It can be difficult to heal if the majority of our beliefs, thoughts and words tend toward the negative, and we battle hopelessness, defeat, discouragement and depression on a daily basis.

Consequently, I believe that victory comes when we can address every root cause of a negative mindset, because simply taking others’ advice to “think more positive” denies the complex factors that can lead to a negative, disease-fostering mindset in Arthritis.

In my own healing journey through treatment, I have found all of the following to be highly beneficial for helping me to replace harmful, lie-based thinking with more positive thoughts, and consequently, to speak more life-giving, healing words over my body in my day to day life. Perhaps you will find them useful, too: Read through it and see what appeals to you.

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