Embrace the pace of your own journey!

In my previous post, I had mentioned that I will share my pacing tool kits and thought process which I use to combat my RA pain and fatigue.

Here you go…

The minute I get up in the morning, I can visually gauge my days activities based on the early morning fatigue and pain levels if any and resort to having an internal dialogue (self-talk) and see the expectations !..it might seem strange to some but the more you listen to your inward self the more one is in control and you can navigate accordingly.

In Pacing I find the right balance of my day’s activities and rest for my RA condition. I must admit that with pacing, I have learnt to live my life according to a tentative plan rather than in response to the symptoms, thereby I feel I have a sense of managing RA rather than RA controlling me.

However, Pacing is the key….it depends how I pull the gears and pace the day.

Basically, its energy conservation methodology…based on listening to your body and gut feel.

My Planning & Thought Process;

Once I visually plan and allocate, on execution I start pacing myself. I start doing the activities and take small breaks in between.

I avoid rushing any tasks and drive it at my own pace… Sometimes I avoid doing the bed as soon as I get up …or delay the laundry…I ask myself …is it the end of the world if I do not do it at that very moment?  No…according to me .. it is not!

Is anyone going to come for inspection   …No…definitely not …so I pace it at my convenience.

Pacing is difficult…it takes discipline. It takes self-control. Pacing is an art which is honed over a period of time rather than a science; I just try to be creative and pace myself.

If I feel I cannot do it, I don’t push myself too much…I am not competing with anyone. I am quite assertive in this area and do not have any guilt pangs…asking for help if its needed.

Pacing myself through activities:

It is like an activity switching tool… I have found keeps my concentration and energy levels intact, I break my activities like if I need to cook , I will cut, chop take a break watch a you tube talk show and go back to continuing cooking and again go and do some reading/writing/office work , rest and finally return to complete the final steps. This way my physical movements are not overworked and I maintain my pace and able to complete my other to do lists through the day. Activity switching among social, physical and mental activities is a super blend combo which has become a part and parcel of my life. A point to be noted..on non flareup days ..I do not over do things…

Over time I have realized that although the size of my teaspoons is normal with pacing, I manage to collect more space in those same spoons and these normal tea spoons literally feel like huge table spoons! That is my biggest takeaway from my PACING tool!

Seeking and honoring my limits in contrast has only expanded my activity levels and in a position to flatten the roller coaster ride that RA brings along with it!

Life is . . . not about counting the losses and the lost expectations, but rather swimming and pacing ourselves, with as much grace as can be mustered, in the joy of all of it… let me admit, this thought process is easy said than done. If I do not implement it in my daily life no one will implement it for me…so here I am advocating what I do as an RA Warrior!









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