Covid Times: Physical Movements through Household Chores with Arthritis

The ongoing COVID-19 situation has flipped my daily routine but has also had an unforeseen positive impact on my physical well-being mostly in terms of my mobility!

It’s not clear yet whether having arthritis makes you more susceptible. What we are told and you read it all over that – much like seasonal flu – older adults and people with autoimmune disease like rheumatoid arthritis and other chronic conditions may be more likely to get seriously sick if they do become infected, so it’s important to take suitable precautions.

The main concern isn’t the virus itself, but secondary bacterial infection and other complications that may arise when your body’s defenses are in a weakened state.

Earlier I had a lot of outdoor mobility, my average step count is down by 90% by not commuting to work/ around my offices/ by not leaving my house as much as I might normally do by leading my normal life. The benefits of the passive house hold exercise we do in today’s times is not being realized.

With the onset of Covid  19 and being immunity compromised life has changed as I have started working from home. It’s frustrating not being able to go back to normal and see people. I’m generally at home, but it’s juxtaposed with the slight fear of having to go back when it doesn’t always feel safe. It’s not so much the arthritis, it’s the medications that I’m on that make me feel more vulnerable. My immune system is more compromised because of them, but no regrets as I have found a new side of me.

During lockdown I had do away with all outsourced house help after years and got into the daily grind myself. Was not too sure how long I could stretch but amazingly I have done well. Though household chores are not usually fun for anyone, they can be especially difficult for those suffering from arthritis pain. Cleaning and other chores can be hard on your joints as it requires bending, reaching and grabbing.

I have managed to stay active…by planning my daily chores. I look to these activities as various form of exercises…my daily quota of the required exercise and movement is done by default. So that’s a blessing in disguise!

I have managed to get my strength and flexibility exercises adapted from my normal home activities. I ask for help whenever I need it from my daughter or husband.

Although it may take some effort to create and adjust to new fitness routines, my regular household physical activity has helped me to positively optimize my health and well-being during the current coronavirus pandemic. Yes, the Covid 19 situation has led us to self-isolate and remain indoors as much as possible, however during this time, it is important that people living with arthritis continue to self-manage their condition in order to reduce any painful symptoms and stay positive.

Post COVID-19 there is a new thought process: When there is no clarity, maybe we need to just embrace the fact that we need to look at things differently, think differently and act differently.

Life is like riding a bicycle…to keep your balance …you must keep moving !…Albert Einstein


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