COVID-19 and Rheumatoid Arthritis

We are all aware that (RA) Warriors are more likely to get certain infections. Meaning we may have a higher chance of getting COVID-19 and the likes. If we do get sick, our symptoms could be more serious than someone who doesn’t have RA. Some medicines we take might also make infections more likely.

On the flip side, researchers are looking into the benefits of some RA drugs for COVID-19. But more research is needed to know if and how they could prevent or treat COVID-19.

Experts aren’t sure how this  virus affects people with RA or those who take drugs that affect their immune systems. That means we shouldn’t change our treatment without talking to our doctor. For now, the best way to stay healthy is to keep taking your medicine.

There are daily steps we can take to stay safe. I have received a few smirks  and comments from people who say I’m overreacting about the coronavirus. Some people have complained about being inconvenienced if schools ,colleges are closed or vacations and events get canceled.

But not me…my realigned health perspectives

  • I’m preparing for a vigilant few months.
  • My public activities will be strictly limited and most of my work will be performed from home.
  • I will remain vigilant for evidence that anyone in my family has a cough or elevated temperature.
  • Instead of going to the gym, I will do my exercises at home.
  • I will avoid unnecessary travel trips
  • Concentration on increasing mine and family’s immunity levels.
  • Extra concentration on hygiene and the home environment.
  • Overall working on the mind , body and soul connect!

As we grapple with this new and evolving reality, I ask my fellow Arthritic Warriors to take the threat of this virus in the right spirit.

Please protect yourselves and your families by following the recommended public health measures and instructions given by the authorities in your respective counties.

It will protect you – and it may save many lives. Let us all do our bit…Warm regards is sent to all as we each continue our journeys on our road back to health and wellness!

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