What Is Considered a Rheumatic Disease?


My frequent visits to my Rheumatologist and other related medical personnel over the years made me aware that these are complex autoimmune and inflammatory diseases that cause the immune system to attack and damage the joints, tendons, ligaments, bones, muscles and sometimes involve damage to internal organs

Attending various workshops, I have been made aware that Rheumatic disease is not a single disorder, it encompasses more than 200 different diseases which span from various types of arthritis to osteoporosis and on to systemic connective tissue diseases.

  • Rheumatism refers to various painful medical conditions which affect joints, bones, cartilage, tendons, ligaments and muscles;
  • Rheumatic diseases, also called musculoskeletal diseases, are characterized by pain and a consequent reduction in the range of motion and function in one or more areas of the musculoskeletal system; in some diseases there are signs of inflammation: swelling, redness, warmth in the affected areas. Rheumatic diseases can also affect internal organs;
  • Some people use the word arthritis to refer to all Rheumatic diseases. Arthritis, which literally means joint inflammation, is just part of the rheumatic diseases. Arthritis in the restricted sense primarily involves: joint pain, joint stiffness, joint inflammation, and joint damage. (ref: eular.org)

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Rapositivehub.com supports the intent of this worldwide awareness campaign which is to improve the public’s understanding of rheumatic diseases, like RA and others, and to advance the health and well being of the millions living with these diseases in the world.

This year’s theme for RDAM is My Disease May Be Invisible, But I’m Not and will feature the voices and experiences of Arthritic Warriors who live with rheumatic diseases.

We @ rapositivehub.com amplify patient stories, the hope is to increase understanding and awareness of what it is like to live with a chronic disease that can sometimes feel “invisible.”

This encourages us to work together, speak as one voice, and to help educate the public about the realities of rheumatic diseases.

So, we @rapositivehub.com will be sharing various articles, stories, links to promote awareness during September 2020.

You Can Make a Difference…You too can get involved. Let us drive more awareness of rheumatic diseases among st ourselves and our local communities .

You can share your story, views by sending an email and it will be uploaded on this website…

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We Pledge to Raise Arthritis Awareness


We Pledge to Raise Arthritis Awareness

Let’s commit ourselves to take the pledge…to spread the arthritis awareness amongst people. On one hand it is an easy way to have awareness days but we have got to follow up with concrete commitments. What comes with getting involved in awareness campaigns is a responsibility to do your bit about what you are aware of. I often questioned myself, hosting specific awareness days is fine but then what happens after the day passes by! I believe positive and genuine lip service is surely a service to the community, in its very own magnitude if a sufficient number of people get involved it can shift the mindset of a generation! Even if you speak to 5 people in a month and spread just basic awareness it will make the world a better place, by saying this I mean those five people will have at the back of their mind what’s arthritis and it might ignite them to know more and they in turn would speak to another 5 people. You can also leverage your network and social media.

Let’s start the awareness chain and let it spread…it is a small drop in the ocean
from our end but yes, it’s a drop for sure!