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Fatigue in RA remains an ‘unmet need’…as it is always Pain that takes over this aspect …hence just sharing my side of the story… We are all aware of the harshness of rheumatoid arthritis symptoms, which may vary a lot over time. And one of the common symptoms is Fatigue Fatigue, for sure, is very […]

SLEEP – SELF CARE SERIES @ rapositivehub.com

A well-known fact we all Arthritic Warriors experience is our painful conditions which affect our sleep patterns. It also could be called Secondary Insomnia which arises as to the symptom of a warriors pre-existing condition. Problem in getting to sleep Waking up often during the night Waking up too early Lethargic feeling on waking up […]

Arthritic Feet -Self Care Series

We, Arthritic Warriors, are well aware of our feet aches!! It’s quite common for symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis to first appear in the feet, the forefoot, back of the feet, and ankles, and so on…in the earlier days of my diagnosis my toe would be particularly painful when I tried to lift it or when […]

Hard Talk on RA

Why it is difficult to talk about RA Two certainties make having RA difficult to discuss. A well-known fact is that since most of its symptoms aren’t visible, one becomes reluctant to discuss it as they’re a high chances others might not believe that you’re really sick. The other problem is that it can be […]