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In these tough times lets Cultivate a Healing Mindset..

We are indoors during the lockdown so let us make the best of it. Continuing from my last upload… Making food and lifestyle changes isn’t easy.  In fact it’s very hard.  It takes time, preparation and dedication to focus on the goal of becoming pain-free and BELIEVING it can happen.  I have been following stories […]

COVID-19 and Rheumatoid Arthritis

We are all aware that (RA) Warriors are more likely to get certain infections. Meaning we may have a higher chance of getting COVID-19 and the likes. If we do get sick, our symptoms could be more serious than someone who doesn’t have RA. Some medicines we take might also make infections more likely. On the […]

Food for Thought

  With pain in our joints, determination in our minds and hope in our hearts we start digging and turning over every rock or mortar we can find to see if there is some sort of relief. We all know by now that, many claims have been made about the influence of food habits and […]

We Pledge to Raise Arthritis Awareness

RAPOSITIVEHUB@PLEDGE We Pledge to Raise Arthritis Awareness Let’s commit ourselves to take the pledge…to spread the arthritis awareness amongst people. On one hand it is an easy way to have awareness days but we have got to follow up with concrete commitments. What comes with getting involved in awareness campaigns is a responsibility to do […]

Let us strengthen our confidence by sharing experiences

We have just finished our Annual World Arthritis Day Meet. What a memorable event it was..participants described that one of the most important take home point was meeting others with the same disease and sharing experiences with them. The exchange of experiences and knowledge from doctors, fellow patients and other healthcare professionals made them less […]


I am just so glad to be back, after these past few months of silence! I believe wellness is slowly knocking at my door …and that is definitely so welcoming! Smiles are all around me these days… I started laughing regularly, which I find is important to do, but very hard at times when you […]