An RA Warrior trying to find and share Wellness in Current Challenging Times

When we learn to cope up with chronic illness like arthritis, we have undergone various losses through our life’s journey. COVID 19 has put the world in a zone where each one is coping with loss in some shape or form. When I visualize, I feel we have walked that road and have become tenacious in nature and possess the grit and determination to face the current challenges and overcome them positively.

We as Arthritic Warriors never know what’s our tomorrow going to be like and COVID 19 has put the entire universe into a wait and watch the situation.

Let us help ourselves identify the important steps to take to ensure we’re mentally and emotionally well during these challenging times.

Emotional & Mental Wellbeing: All of us will find ourselves in a super stressed zone concerning safety and hygienic surroundings. Learn to pace out household chores as per our body’s daily limitations.

Find a healthy balance in relation to media coverage. Being exposed to large volumes of negative information can heighten feelings of anxiety. While it’s important to stay informed, we may find it useful to limit our media intake if it is upsetting us or our family

Exercise – every little helps

Doing just a small amount of regular exercise can make a big difference to both our physical and mental health and wellbeing. It can boost our mood and help us relax. Try to make exercise a regular part of our day.

If we like to get outside, this might be a frustrating time. But there are things we can do at home to move.

Making exercise a part of our daily routine is a useful way to give structure as we’re all adjusting to the change

Medications -take them on time an without missing a dose

Eating Healthy

Staying at home during the COVID-19 pandemic is challenging for everyone, and the increased anxiety can cause people to abandon their healthy eating intentions and snack on whatever is around. But with a little thought and planning, we can make good food choices and even boost your mood and immunity

Keep in touch

Feeling connected to other people can boost wellbeing.
With social distancing and self-isolation, it’s important to keep in touch with our friends, family, and community.


Stay Safe…Stay Happy!

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