If you are newly diagnosed RA Warrior, it’s easy to get stuck in believing that RA is all that stops you, the only reason you cannot do whatever it is you want to do. And although that may be true if you wanted to become a supermodel, mostly it’s a scapegoat that keeps you from dreaming new dreams, from finding joy in your life as it is. Everyone has limits, whether they live with a chronic illness or not, and the trick to finding happiness is to make the best of the life you have. Continue dreaming. Continue pushing for what you want. Go forward, not looking back to dwell on what once was. That is where you will find your happiness

It took me a long time to know that acceptance isn’t something you arrive at and stay there forever more. It’s something you work on, all the time.

I was very confused for a very long time, constantly caught up in what I couldn’t do. I focused on the “if onlys”—if only I didn’t have RA; if only I could continue working; if only life were different. In the darkest of times, the response from within me was: You have to learn to accept this.

The “if onlys” are ever-present and seep in through the smallest cracks. And then the “if-onlys” grow and escalate into unfulfilled desires. You let one of these wishes in, and it brings an entourage. And the more they pile up, the more depressed one can  become and the more you long for a different life.

WE need to learn to tame the “If only I didn’t have RA” thought process. That singular thought leads to an abyss that chews us up and drains our emotions.. If we open the door to the things we cannot have, the dreams we left behind, we begin to love your life less. So instead, every day one needs to  practice acceptance. WE can do it by choosing to be positive. When you are in the middle of an RA flare, talk to yourself saying its temporary and that you have innate strong skills to cope. We need to navigate  those “if onlys” so strong that they rarely get a foothold into our thought process.

The most important thing is not just to accept things but to meet the challenge. Life should be faced. If I am able to do something, then I have to do it.

My motto today is, I am able to do things and I am doing them, tomorrow I might feel pain, so I will not do anything. I am living like that, depending on what the illness allows me to do. This is my personal theory I have understood that I have my limits and I do not go beyond them… see if this appeals to you.

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