A week of reflection 2020 @rapositivehub.com…..

As I reflect on how the pandemic has impacted my life and the lives of my family and friends, I’ve noticed one critical element missing from the lockdown and safe distance: human connection.

We ask each other, “How are you doing?” But do you think we all are truly looking for a full and candid response? I am not signifying we are being insincere, but perhaps the expression has become more of a virtual salutation than a true concern! My typical response is either “great ” or “good.” I mean it, even when it is not true—which is to say, I’m just trying to be positive and move on……

This makes me wonder, are we bypassing moments to understand how each other is doing and coping with life, particularly in a time when we are confronted with the challenges of existing through a global pandemic?

So now, let me stop and ask the question again: How are you doing, really? And I mean it….

It’s true that I have lost something or the other and you too  —failure to recognize this would be some form of super denial. I have lost our hugs and handshakes,small family & friend gatherings, window shopping, and impulsive walk through the corniches and cities by-lanes!

We all need to be aware that life needs to go on ..and just pondering will not get us to where we need to go..to be simply joyful in the moment  as Arthritic Warriors!

Joy isn’t found in yesterday or tomorrow; it’s found right here, at this moment. Happiness is something we design and create for our own selves rather than being tendered to us by other people or external environments.

Happiness exists on many levels. And as Arthritic Warriors not all are blissful and all-inclusive. Some are tender, some are bittersweet. Some happiness makes you feel like you’re going to burst, while at other times, it slips up on you. The key is to acknowledge your happiness at the moment and look for the little things in life that bring much joy. What it takes is an inner change of perspective and attitude. And that’s truly good news because it’s something anyone can do. when you focus on the present moment, you are much more likely to feel centered, happy, and at peace. You’re also much more likely to notice the good things that are happening, rather than letting them pass by unnoticed.

Honestly, I have never known life to be as tough as it has been during 2020. It’s still hard, and I’d still like very much for it to stop. But I can still experience moments of happiness. Through the 2020 pandemic zone…I had decided to intentionally put less energy into counterattacking change and more energy into fully engaging inside my moments, finding “the happy” whenever I can.

Who knows where I’ll find it next? It might be during a walk or a conversation, inside a movie, or a song. Or, it could simply be sitting on my kitchen counter, brewing a slow cooker broth waiting to be turned into a delicacy!

As Arthritic Warriors, I believe there are big-time benefits for finding simple moments of happiness in each day, in light of the challenging times we are all facing together……rapositivehub.com

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