Fatigue in RA remains an ‘unmet need’…as it is always Pain that takes over this aspect …hence just sharing my side of the story…

We are all aware of the harshness of rheumatoid arthritis symptoms, which may vary a lot over time. And one of the common symptoms is Fatigue

Fatigue, for sure, is very different from the usual feelings of tiredness.

It’s so overwhelming and uncontainable. One feels so tired and exhausted of energy, and a pervasive side effect is one tends to lose interest in anything. Only the person undergoing it can describe it!

A continued feeling of exhaustion has a significant toll on daily living. It’s a feeling which is hard to be understood by the people around you.

When I experience fatigue I usually listen to music or read, make small talk with friends. In fact, one should do whatever relaxes oneself. Sometimes I feel tired simply because I am mildly dehydrated. A glass of water does the trick, especially after exercise or household chores! I try and have a daily multivitamin to guarantee that I get my minimum amount of nutrients my body needs.  I have observed over the years these vitamin deficiencies have drained me off of my energy levels on various occasions.

With fatigue comes insomnia… I have learned how to relax and handle this difficult stage of sleep– especially the fussing over trivial problems whilst in bed. I try and experiment with a lot of mindful techniques like visualize a beautiful imaginary scene, listen to soulful music, etc.

Personally, being in the know of how my fatigue presents in my life on a daily basis, let me to better plan and cope with the situation. Off late I have become very vocal about my fatigue and seek support to do my pending tasks if I am unable to do so and it’s much more peaceful.

Honestly, to sum it up be kind to yourself, this phase will also pass, it’s sheer patience and perseverance needed during these moments.

Fatigue is just an indicator; it doesn’t define you.

The strongest have their moments of fatigue …Friedrich Nietzche